1. SMA committees


19.1 The following Committees are established to oversee the day to day running of the Seychelles Maritime Academy–


  1. a Management Committee, the object of which is to manage the administrative and academic functions of the Professional Centre and which shall have as its Chairperson, the Director;
  2. an Academic Committee, the object of which is to coordinate the academic matters of the institution. The Director may chair the Academic committee or direct the Assistant Director to chair the Academic committee.


19.2 Statutes shall provide for –


  1. the membership of the Committees and terms of reference of members;
  2. meetings of such Committees including the quorum and procedure for such meetings; and
  3. any other matter relating to such Committees.


19.3   The Board may, in accordance with procedures prescribed in the Statutes, establish other Committees to assist it in the performance of its functions, and a Committee so established shall be answerable to the Board.


2. Students’ Council


20.1 There is established a Students’ Council to represent the learner community and to act as the main forum through which learners may express their views.


20.2 The Council shall operate under the general direction of the Board, as may be prescribed by the statutes.

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