The Nautical Department is the Deck Department wherein the students are trained to become seafarers onboard a ship serve in the capacity ranging from deck rating to a Master Mariner.

The Deck Cadet training Program which is one of them for successful  school leavers with Advanced level in science stream  who are over 18 yrs of Age .

For those who do not meet the above entry requirements, but with  S5 qualifications   need to complete a pre sea training program  known as Advance certificate course for Navigation and Seamanship which will also lead to become a Master Mariner in costal and International  vessels  with  the completion of the relevant training and Examinations.


 Upon completion of cadetship plus the required sea service followed by a brief academic time in the school ,the student will qualify to appear to his first  Certificate of Competency examination at SMSA.


A Master Class 1 Certificate of Competency can lead to a career as a Ship Surveyor, Cargo Surveyor, Hydrographic surveyor, Harbor  Pilot, Coastal Pilot, Maritime Consultant, Nautical Lecturer, Shipping Agency Manager, Harbor Master, Maritime Administrator, Compass Adjuster, Ship and yacht delivery.

Advanced     Certificate in Navigation & Seamanship

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