Seychelles Maritime Academy puts a lot of attention towards its learner’s successful achievement in training. A learner’s Support Officer is available to provide assistance and support to learners who require the demand.


SMA is a newly furnished building every amenities needed to stimulate learners development. It is fully equipped with modern facilities to help further development of your studies. This includes; standard class rooms, training rooms, laboratories, Technical drawing rooms, Computer Rooms, Workshops and a Library.


The present library is continuously being equipped with the latest edition of text books on the different occupations, subjects and trainings conducted at SIT.


The search for e-books that can be made accessible to SIT learners from international e-libraries in now in process and in 2016 SIT hopes to secure agreement with a suitable provider with an affordable annual rental fee.


Marine Simulation

Experience what it’s like to be in control of a vessel using one of the COMESA communities regions most advanced maritime simulators.

We provide training for officers and engineers serving on ships, a virtual platform of the bridge and the engine room using full mission simulator.


The fully integrated “ TRANSAS 5000 model”, which comprises the Bridge ,Engine Room  with ten trainee stations facilitates  simulating the modern propulsion systems and a broad spectrum of ports A separate GMDSS simulator also contribute to provide participants with superior maritime training experience that will foster critical thinking, problem solving, ethical decision-making, and confidence. It can be used for research and training, ship manoeuvring and improving ship handling and Bridge or Engine Room safety and efficiency.


This invaluable training also bridges the gap between practical and theory as an effective aid for training and competency assessment of ship masters and deck officers. They learn about ship-handling, passage planning and the use of radar, electronic charts, and automatic radar plotting aids. If necessary both bridges can be made interactive including having a joint exercise with the engine room simulator.


The simulator database includes ports in Australia and New Zealand, as well as areas of Europe and Malaysia. The Ship Operations Simulator is used to conduct training programs in bridge operations including high speed navigation. It fully meets the requirements of Section A - 1/12 of the STCW2010 Code, Performance


These training tools  used both in  training and  assessment of competence.


The full scale of services including assisting with accommodation is offered to participants from shipping companies, management companies, pilot organizations, VTS operators, research institutes and governmental organizations.

The Seychelles Maritime Academy’s objective is to be a leader in delivering high quality professional maritime Simulator training.


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