History of Seychelles Maritime Academy

The school was established as a technical school with assistance from the French Government in 1979. In 1983, after the establishment of the Seychelles Polytechnic, it was merged into the Polytechnic as the School for Maritime Studies.

In 1999, the School of the Maritime Studies had a change of name and it became Maritime Training Centre (MTC) and it was transferred under the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. From 1979 to December 2011, the MTC was housed in a building at Mont Fleuri, which was previously used as a military barrack in the 1940’s.

In February 2012, MTC moved to its new location at Providence. The Academy is equipped with excellent modern facilities and is ideally located with easy access to the sea. The new building was officially opened on 15th June 2012 by His Excellency, the President of Seychelles Mr. James Alix Michel.

On 30th August 2013, an MOA was signed between the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC). The main objective of the three years partnership agreement was to strengthen the Academy’s institutional capability.

On the 15th June 2015, after two years of the CINEC-SMA collaboration, the Country witnesses the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) whitelisting of Seychelles. The success stories progressed rapidly through the launching of new courses in Yacht Master, Standards of Training Certificate, and Watch Keeping (STCW 2010) courses which are internationally recognized. The STCW 2010 is an international requirement standard that all seafarers are meant to follow in basic safety training in accordance with section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code.


In August 2015, Minister Macsuzy Mondon, the Minister for Education ratified the Seychelles Maritime Academy’s Charter to formally establish the status and brand identity of the Academy, in accordance with the Tertiary Education Act 2011. The repositioning of the Academy to attract better prospect in the maritime and blue economy sectors, witnesses the change of name from Maritime Training Centre to Seychelles Maritime Academy.

In September 2015, Seychelles Maritime Academy went through the process of six days of Quality Management System auditing by external auditor IRQS from India.

On 29th October 2015, Seychelles Maritime Academy was officially certified as ISO 9001:2008. The ISO 9001:2008 certification is an international standard that defines good management practices. The certification aims at providing a global standard that explain in simple terms the elements of quality and trust.

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