Students at SMA

Students studying at SMA are from the age of 16 to 20 year and above. Full time learners, including those on the apprenticeship programmes, wear uniform. The SMA uniform should be worn with shirt tucked in shorts for boys and skirts tucked in skirt or shorts for girls. The wearing of the SMA uniform is meant to have learners to have a sense of discipline in them and to be identified as SIT learners.

The Code of Conduct is available for download

Our Core Values:

Excellence  We strive to meet the highest standard in the maritime industry by communicating and improving on the range of courses on offer, the quality of staff as well as the standard of service offered to our clients.

Ethics We are committed to the highest standard of respect, honesty, accountability and professionalism. We expect the conduct of our professional staff and students be based on mutual trust and respect and be driven by the highest ethical standard.

Team Work We value teamwork as an integral approach in bringing together a range of professionals for decision making and collaborative action. We believe in discussing and sharing knowledge, experience and supporting our staff and students to achieve their potential ambitions.

Service We are committed to offering the highest standard of service to our staff, students and clients and by doing so, we aim to promote and sell the Academy as a well-established maritime institution.

Diversity We embrace the diversity of our staff and students and we value their contributions, in creating a safe, supporting and welcoming environment for our clients.

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