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Alison HoareauHello, 18, live at Mont-Buxton, Graduated from Belonie school with four IGCSE and currently doing her 2nd year in Advanced Certificate in Fisheries Science at SMA (Seychelles Maritime Academy).

The interest of joining the SMA as a professional centre all started by her parents at the age of 8 where they invest in a boat charter business, which Alison got the chance to enjoyed and adapt to the marine life. Later on that year Alison joined the SYA (Seychelles Yachting Association), and from that day she gave herself to the sea, week days sailing at the Eden island and weekend snorkelling at ile au Cerf marine park with family.

Her journey as a young successful sailor Alison received some notable results nationally and internationally of bringing home medals and trophies, nominated best junior sailor for 8 years including best female sailor of the year (2012 & 2015).

As a kid Alison always thought that when she grow up she want to be a dentist, but after exploring the million colours of the rain forest of the sea her mind changed and decided for sure that she want to be a marine biologist or a marine research officer where she could interact and learn more interesting thing about the marine.

By the opportunities offered at the SMA Alison got the chance to work at the SFA in the research department and helped taking samples in lab followed by a Second work attachment at IOT as a lab technician.

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