strategy 2020

The Seychelles Maritime Academy’s strategic plan for the period 2016 -2020 (strategy 2020) is a focused corporate orientation roadmap to steer SMA towards its vision of becoming an internationally accredited centre of excellence in maritime education and training.


The 2020 strategy is anchored on an in-depth analysis of the maritime and blue economy industries, to better understand the risks and opportunities that are trending, and on insightful interpretation of the current status of the Academy’s core competencies and challenges. The strategic plan is configured around six priority areas and thirty strategic objectives, to mitigate the perceived future risks and to simultaneously position the Academy to strategically and profitably access the emerging opportunities.


The new corporate orientation, proposes a fundamental readjustment to the Academy’s previous ways of working. It calls for a more focused and proactive approach in responding to industry and market forces, as well as the adoption of management best practices. Whilst Seychelles remains SMA’s primary market, we will also challenge ourselves to expand our customer base and sphere of influence to transact in the bigger space of the Indian Ocean and COMESA communities.

SMA Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020 Final Report

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